2 May 2013

Freebie: Mother's Day printable gift voucher by Maiko Nagao

My memory of Mother's Day as a child was creating my own redeemable vouchers for my mum. I'd spend forever scribbling away! My mum used to say that these vouchers were so much more special than any store bought gifts and how special she felt... Anyway, I wanted to spread this kind of love so I created a customisable Mother’s Day voucher for you to download for FREE! Here's an idea, why don't you pair it up with my other free printable 'You're freakin' awesome' Mother's Day card?

Some ideas for the voucher:
- Help with gardening
- Weekend picnic
- Help with house cleaning or organising
- Home cooked dinner
- Family fun outing

Have a think about what your mum loves you to help her with! You can really get as creative as you like. There are 2 vouchers per sheet so feel free to print out as many as you like!

Make sure you print on a thick A4 card and set it to 'fit to page' when printing!

I’m fairly active on facebook, pinterest and twitter, so let’s stay in touch!

*Please note these cards are for personal use only and not to be sold.


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