5 May 2013

DIY: Shakuhachi inspired cut out dress tutorial

Australian fashion label Shakuhachi is one of my favourite designers at the moment. My favourite dress of theirs is this cut out dressA pair and a spare does a fantastic DIY tutorial if you like the cut out front and back. I prefer it just at the front so here's my version.

You’ll need:
An oversized cotton t-shirt. XXXL men's t-shirts are perfect as the wideness creates the bunched up effect. You also want to make sure it's long enough to cover your bum!

1. Cut off a bit off the sleeves along the dotted lines.
2. Cut only the 'front side' of the t-shirt along the dotted lines. A good place to cut the horizontal line is just below your ribs.
3. Grab the two points and tie a knot through the hole.


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  1. ouuu! I love this! Thanks! Now I can finally do something with all of those extra volunteer t-shirts I have at home :P

    P.S. Love your website!!


  2. Hi Anne, thanks for your message! Such a great idea to upcycle your extra volunteer T's! I've made a couple of these dresses and I love them to bits. Wear them ALL the time! Enjoy~! x


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