31 March 2013

DIY: Easter bunny bread rolls by Kirbie's Cravings

Happy Easter everybody! Don't you just adore these Easter bunny bread rolls? If you're feeling a little creative, you could serve these to add a little fun to the dinner table tonight!

Here's an easy 10 minute baking time recipe by Kirbie's Cravings.

2-1/2 to 3 cups all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1 package (1/4 ounce) active dry yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup (8 ounces) sour cream
1/4 cup water
2 tablespoons butter
1 egg

1. Put the butter, the sour cream and water in a small saucepan and heat, but do not cook. Cool to tepid then add the remaining ingredients.
2. Put in a kneader. If thick add more water.
3. Let it rise double and cut into 16 equal parts.
4. Use baking tray lined with baking paper and cut the ears with scissors. Make sure you smooth the edges around, so you do not end up with devil horns. The eyes can be poked in or use pepper grains.
5. Bake at 375° for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Photos are from the lovely Kirbie's Cravings. Check out her other recipe, Honey bunny buns.

Top, left image by the talented Ancika konyh├íja.

29 March 2013

DIY: Organizer cans & free printable wrappers by Maiko Nagao

If you follow my blog, you should know by now that I love to upcyle! It is so much fun to make something out of waste, not to mention upcycling can cut your carbon footprint by preventing you from buying new stuff! Plus, you’re saving energy used at the recycling plant. So, here's a DIY organizer tin can tutorial. To make it easier for you all, I've made my prints available to download - for free! 


1.  Use cans with a rim on the top and bottom. The rims give the can a clean finished look.
2.  Download my free printable patterns and print to fit to A4. (download links below)
3.  Fold the top and bottom of the print to fit the height of the can. (there's no need to cut as the fold gives it a cleaner finish)
4. Tape at the back. As you never see the back, it doesn't need to be perfect.

You can use these in the shed to organize your screws and nails or for your makeup brushes. The possibilities are endless!

Happy crafting everyone!

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Free Hello Kitty Easter colouring in download

Happy Easter Friday everybody! I've prepared a cute Hello Kitty Easter colouring piece for the lil' ones!


26 March 2013

Free shipping on Maiko Nagao prints at Society6

News flash! Free shipping worldwide at Society6 until Sunday 31st March! Just added my new designs which also comes as framed prints, canvases, cushion covers, T-shirts and much more! Get in quick here!


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25 March 2013

DIY: Beach waves hair spray

Want saltwater kissed waves even if you don’t live anywhere near the sea? The sea salt that’s known to create that messy/textured look is so lusted that companies now bottle it for big bucks. Here’s the deal though, you don’t need to spend a ton of money when you can make it at home!

- 1 tbsp sea salt 
- 1 tbsp water-based hair gel 
- 1 tbsp coconut oil 
- 1 cup warm water

1. Add all of your ingredients to your spray bottle and add water. Shake it baby!
2. Spray onto damp hair. Section off hair and twist. Scrunch upward until a wave begins to form.
3. Let it dry naturally or use a diffuser for a more tousled look.


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Image source

24 March 2013

DIY: Upcycled straight knot t-shirt necklace

I've been looking for a neon blue statement necklace for my new white dress. I've looked everywhere but haven't been able to find one I fancy. So, I made this super cute straight knot t-shirt necklace and am absolutely obsessed with it! It's made out of an old t-shirt and a chain from an old purse. I used this video tutorial by Meek-n-Mild.

Have a go! The only thing I did different was I tied a big knot at the very end - for a more dramatic effect.


23 March 2013

Currently working on...

Pssssssssst! Here's a sneak preview of my latest sketch! I'm hoping to create it into a series of animals with a twist - can you suggest other rad animals you'd like to see?

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22 March 2013

DIY: Easy makeup brush cleaner with shampoo and olive oil

When was the last time you cleaned your make up brushes? If it's been over a month, then get washing!! Brushes collect bacteria which means you're spreading it all over your face again and again! Good thing washing make up brushes is super easy and cheap - so there's no excuses for dirty brushes ladies!

- 1/2 cup luke warm water
- 1 tsp organic/baby/mild shampoo
- 1 tsp olive oil

1. Add shampoo and olive oil into lukewarm water
2. Swirl your brushes in the mixture and let sit for 15 minutes.
3. Rinse your brushes in lukewarm water to remove the leftover residue
4. Reshape your brushes and lay them on a flat surface to dry

Voila! Make sure you do this at least once a month ;)

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21 March 2013

DIY: Origami Easter bunny

How cool are these origami bunnies I made for Easter! You could have a litter of these in different sizes as a mantel piece or hide them around the house for the kids to find! I made mine with an A4 piece of paper cut into a square.

This origami bunny is designed by Stephen O'Hanlon and demonstrated by Mari Michaelis in this step-by-step video


DIY: Kate Spade inspired colour tipped flats

Currently in love with these Kate Spade and Tory Burch Cap-Toe ballerina flats! Now, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the real deal, upcycle your old flats into these super gorgeous wonders!! Brit + Co has a fantastic step by step spray paint tutorial here you should check out!

Happy crafting!

Image source

20 March 2013

Fancy ice cubes for your garden party or wedding

Hosting a garden party or wedding? Drop a couple of these in your guest's drinks and you'll be sure to impress! It's relatively easy. I used lavender, blueberries and mint leaves but you can get creative and have some fun! By the way, this amazing photo is by the super talented Kate Sykus.


1. Gently rinse your chosen fancy ice cube content. Some suggestions include violets, rose petals, pansies, lavender, nasturtiums, strawberries, blueberries and mint leaves.

2. Use boiled water (or bottled water) as this allows all the air trapped in the water to escape and the ice cubes will be crystal clear. Let the water completely cool to room temperature. 

3. Place content at the base of each compartment and fill with water half way. Freeze.

4. Once frozen, fill each ice cube compartment to the top with remaining water and refreeze. 


Image Source

17 March 2013

DIY: Dr Oz anti aging natural banana botox mask for wrinkles

Here's Dr. Oz' DIY banana, yoghurt and honey face mask recipe to use instead of Botox to get rid of wrinkles! Why does this ultra yummy face mask work? The lactic acid found in the yogurt gently exfoliates your skin while the honey moisturizes your face. Amazing!!


- 1/4 cup yogurt
- 1/2 banana
- 1 tsp honey


1. Mash up half a banana with the back of a fork (the more ripe the banana, the better!)
2. Mix in 1/4 cup yogurt and 1 tsp of honey
3. Spread the face mask all over your face
4. Relax for 15 minutes
5. Rinse off your face well


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13 March 2013

Wanderlust: Currently in Krabi, Thailand

Sawatdee Kah from Krabi, Thailand! We hired a scooter today to get away from the crowds and found this gorgeous beach tucked away through some windy roads. Had an amazing afternoon with the beach to ourselves. Totally fell in love with this handmade swing! 

Easter treat: Brownie in an egg recipe by LRF

What an eggcellent idea by LRF - perfect for Easter!

Check out their full recipe and instructions here and remember to turn her blog into English by clicking on one of the blue buttons under the heading.


12 March 2013

DIY: Coffee bean candles

An ultra yummy DIY coffee scented candle for your home by Home & Garden Blog. All you need is a bag of coffee beans, some bowls and tea light candles. The candle heats up the coffee beans and releases an amazing aroma that fills your entire home...♥ Warning though: you will want to drink coffee all the time!! 

Only three steps:
1. Find several short and round glasses or candle holders big enough to fit a tea light candle
2. Pour your favourite smelling coffee beans
3. Insert a tea light in the centre of the ramekin and push down slightly
**Note: Change the beans once a month to preserve the amazing java smell!


9 March 2013

DIY: Colour code your keys in 5 mins

Check out this awesome colour coding keys idea by A bubbly life! Just paint two coats on each side with your favourite nail polish and you're done.

No more fumbling with your arms full of groceries and/or kids looking for that key because they all look the same! Love~!

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6 March 2013

Free downloadable Facebook covers by Maiko Nagao

Here are three Facebook covers I designed from the 'Jungle Juice' print range. You can purchase this at my Society6 shop. For now though, you can download this for free and use it as a funky Facebook cover!

Pencil Vs Camera by Ben Heine

Currently loving these Pencil Vs Camera pieces by Ben Heine!! Pencil Vs Camera" mixes drawing and photography, imagination and reality. It’s a new visual concept invented, initiated and popularized by Ben Heine in 2010. It's full of magic, illusion, poetry and surrealism. View more of his work here.

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