29 November 2012

Freebie: Maiko Nagao designed printable gift tags for my readers!

Here are some more exciting Christmas treats for my readers! I've designed some printable gift tags! Just download, print and cut!

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Happy Holidays!

Super easy fishtail braid tutorial!

Lovin' fishtail braids right now! Don't you, adore the first image by Jen Ingvarsson Photography?

So did you know it's really easy? I sure didn't. I always thought it looked too hard to try myself. 

Watch the video above by Beautydept and you'll be left annoyed like me. Why didn't I try this earlier??!!!

28 November 2012

Free downloadable iphone wallpapers by Maiko Nagao

To celebrate the launch of my 'Bird Series' prints on Society6.com and a pre Christmas gift, I'm giving away free iphone wallpapers to my beautiful readers!

Start by clicking on the wallpaper you want from your phone and download the image!

// Pearly Parrot  // Tsuru Tale  // Oh my owl! //

It's all yours! xx

How to install wallpaper on your phone
The easiest way would be to actually download it directly into oyur iPhone.
1. On your iPhone, open up your browser and navigate to this page. 
2. Choose the wallpaper you wish to download by clicking on the download link. Once the image displays on your screen, press down on the image until a menu pops up and then click 'Save Image".
3. Open the "Photos" app and go into "Camera Roll". Select the wallpaper that you would like to use. Press the arrow button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and a menu should appear. Select "Use as Wallpaper". The rest should be self-explanatory.

27 November 2012

DIY: Bow bun by Running on Happiness

Here's a super awesome bow bun tutorial by Running on Happiness! Make sure you check out her blog here. She has the most amazing hair styles that I spent HOURS on her blog when I first discovered it!

01. Gather hair into a high pony tail. Loop hair through an elastic band leaving the ends out and on the top.
02. Divide bun in the middle.
03. Gather the loose ends into one section and pull it directly back behind the bun.
04. Pin into place with bobbi pins.


Image source

25 November 2012

Newest addition to Society6.com by Maiko Nagao

You can now purchase these on Society.com. Ipad & laptop sleeves, ipod, iphone cases, tote bags, t-shirt, hoodies, canvases and more! 

Get yours today here.

22 November 2012

DIY: Mustache cake!

This is so cool. Why not celebrate Father's Day or Movember with a DIY mustache cake by Antsi Pants and Keep Calm and Blog on.

1. You will need one round sponge cake
2. Cut the cake like the above picture like a ying and yang symbol
3. Frost! And you don't want it to be smooth...


21 November 2012

DIY Neon bracelet with a shoe string!

I found this super hot neon bracelet tutorial on Digu.com and had to share it with you all! All you need is a shoe string (preferably neon!!) and clasps to put it together. Voila! 

Friends, these may very well be your Christmas pressies this year. LOVE!

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18 November 2012

Eco Philippino Handmade Jewellery Designer

So, I came across an amazing jewellery/accessory designer 'Island Girl' while traveling through the Philippine islands recently. The above is the statement necklace piece I bought for myself. 

Inspired by nature and responding to the global demands for eco-friendly products, her pieces are derived from natural materials that are organic and expertly hand-worked by rural communities that have inherited their skills from past generations. Check out her website here. 

16 November 2012

DIY: Eco mini wreath gift tags by Frolic

Here's a neat idea for a DIY gift tag by Frolic. See the whole tutorial here.

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