13 July 2014

Hand lettered prints by Maiko Nagao

Always be yourself unless you can be spiderman, then always be spiderman.
Available from www.collected.co.nz   

Cus all of me, loves all of you. Available from www.collected.co.nz

Be YOU tiful. Available from www.collected.co.nz 

Shine bright like a diamond. Available from www.collected.co.nz 

We are all a little weird. Available from www.collected.co.nz

Aroha = Love in Maori. Available from www.collected.co.nz 

Do epic sh*t. Available from www.collected.co.nz

I have super exciting news! My prints are now available exclusively by the amazing LeeAnn Yare from Collected! LeeAnn is an interior stylist, magazine writer, and TV presenter from Auckland, NZ. Her store Collected is a treasure trove of all LeeAnn's favourite interior finds. If you haven't checked it out yet, it's a MUST! Available in store and online at www.collected.co.nz/collections/decorate

LOVE my work? You can now purchase my prints from www.maikonagao.com

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