22 March 2014

DIY: Balencia inspired no sew crop top

Here is A pair & a spair's genius Balencia inspired DIY crop top tutorial!

You will need:
- A white tank dress or extra long singlet
- Scissors
- Needle and thread

1. The first step is to cut the back out of the tank to create the crop, so measure a line a few inches below the bottom of your bra strap when the top is on where you will cut to. Then lay the tank face down and cut out the back, following the line of the seams and the horizontal line.
2. This is how the back should look.
3. Turn your singlet over and mark the very middle of the front. Cut a straight line down the middle, as if you are cutting the opening of a cardigan.
4. Cut all the way to the bottom.
5. This is the shell of your top, you’re practically there!
6. Now Mrs mannequin is going to demonstrate how to wrap the top. Simply tie the leftover fabric in a knot and let it hang down but you can also cut it short if you like.
7. Tuck the top edges of the singlet into your bra.
8. Finally, if you like the look of the gathered straps, use your needle and thread to sew a little dart into them.

Voila! For the full tutorial make sure you check out A pair & a spair's fab site here!

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