29 August 2014

Let's move to Okinawa! By Maiko Nagao

Last year, my entire family and I went on a holiday to Okinwawa. Okinawa is a group of sub tropical islands in southern Japan. Oh my goodness, we all instantly fell in love with this place. The people are ridiculously down to earth and incredibly kind. Oh, and do I even need to mention the pristine white sand beaches! So, when my parents decided Okinawa was the place to build their dream holiday home I jumped at the opportunity to help them design. It was challenging putting together ideas and plans from the other side of the world but we think we managed ok! We wanted to keep the look and feel of the home minimal. Our biggest inspiration was MUJI - the most amazing design concept brand from Japan.

So, our next plan is... figure out a way to make a living in this beautiful paradise, Okinawa so we can live there forever and ever!

Here is a list of DIY's we worked on:
1. Half floating kitchen shelves for plates and cups - Made by mum
2. Cinder block TV cabinet. Baskets as drawers for DVD's - Made by myself
3. Cusion covers - Fabric chosen by myself & sewn by mum
4. Coffee table with wheels - Made by dad
5. Bathroom sink wooden facade (to hide the washing machine) - Designed by myself and made by the whole family
6. Toilet paper holder and shelf - Made and designed by mum
7. Vase with shells collected from nearby beach - Made and designed by Atsuko
8. Clay 'Shisa' figures - Made and designed by the whole family

We are in the process of putting together the garden plan so watch this place!

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  1. Love the TV cabinet and copied it! I hope you don't mind...


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