9 August 2014

Free wallpaper - Shine bright like a diamond. Hand lettering by Maiko Nagao

Rihanna said it! Always shine bright like a diamond! I hope these wallpapers will inspire you in some way! x

This is part my 365 days of type mission. Check out my other hand lettered work here!

I will have plenty more wallpapers coming so stay tuned!

How to install wallpaper on your phone
The easiest way would be to actually download it directly onto your iPhone.
1. On your iPhone, open up your browser and navigate to this page. 
2. Choose the wallpaper you wish to download by clicking on the link. Once the image displays on your screen, press down firmly on the image until a menu pops up and then click 'Save Image".
3. Open the "Photos" app and go into "Camera Roll". Select the wallpaper that you would like to use. Press the arrow button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and a menu should appear. Select "Use as Wallpaper". The rest should be self-explanatory.

*Please note these wallpapers are for personal use only and not to be distributed or resold.

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