20 October 2013

Gold foiled wedding invitation design by Maiko Nagao

Just finished designing this special custom wedding stationery for a very special client! Love it so much that thought I should share it with you all! If you like it, contact me and I'll be happy to discuss a package for you!

I have some personalised wedding logos on Etsy too if you want to check them out!

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17 October 2013

DIY: Skull cut out T-Shirt tutorial by LaurDIY

Check out this super easy DIY skull cut out  T-shirt tutorial by LaurDIY on Youtube!

You will need:
- 1 oversized t-shirt
- Scissors
- Chalk

1. Draw the skull on the back of the t-shirt (eyes, nose and mouth)
2. Cut out only the back of your t-shirt, where you drew the pattern
3. Strech the holes to make the cut part not so visible
4. Wash it to remove the chalk traces

You can view full video tutorial below too!

Perfect for Halloween don't you think? Have fun!

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DIY: Turn your hoodie into a laptop bag!

I found this amazing 'Turn your hoodie into a laptop bag' tutorial via Youtube. Isn't it amazing? So practical and kinda stylish at the same time! 

1. Lay your hoodie flat on a table and place your laptop
2. Fold
3. Wrap around
4. Take the hood
5. Place it over the PC
6. Tie the strings
7. Take the sleeves
8. Tangle them
9. Go to work!


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13 October 2013

DIY: Super easy no sew tutu

So I found the cutest no sew tutu tutorial on The Pinning Mama. It's a little lengthy so I managed to cut it down a little bit. But make sure you check out her site for the full tutorial!

You will need: 
- Wide elastic
- Tulle fabric
- Scissors

1. Measure the waist dimension needed for the tutu and cut a elastic a little longer.
2. Tie or sew the ends of the elastic together to form a circle.
3. Cut the tulle strips twice the desired length for your finished tutu.
4. Take one strip at a time and form an “upside-down” U shape. Place the “upside-down” U piece of tulle behind the waistband. Make sure the ends are even and then put the 2 ends on top of the waistband and through the opening between the top of the tulle U and the waistband. Pull tightly.
5. Add all your tulle pieces until the waistband is full. Slide the tulle pieces together so they are close and no distances are showing between them. Voila~!


I’m always active on facebook, pinterest and twitter, so let’s stay in touch!

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