9 August 2013

Choosing the right necklaces for necklines by Inside Out Style

Inside Out Style has created this great chart for choosing the right necklaces for different necklines! Very handy. Make sure you check out their site for more amazing fashion tips here.

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8 August 2013

TA Project iPhone case design by Maiko Nagao

At last! TA Project's super cool 'Let the kids play - Help support the kids of Fukushima' project has launched! You can grab one of my iPhone case design by donating to this awesome cause. Donations start at $5 and there are some cool T-Shirt designs by top notch Japanese artists to check out too! You can read all about it on the project site here!

Growing up in nuclear free New Zealand, I never would have imagined being caught up in a 'nuclear plant meltdown'. In fact before the 2011 Fukushima disaster, I don't think those words even existed in my vocabulary.

The TA project came together last year to support the children of Fukushima who had limited time a day to play outside. With the overwhelming support from people all over the world, they invited children for a 4 day camp in Osaka so they could escape the everyday stresses and just be kids again. And they're doing it all again this year with a few changes!

Please help support the children and rebuild Fukushima together!

P.S Why peaches? Peaches are a popular delicacy in Korimachi, Fukushima ;)

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7 August 2013

DIY: Chocolate covered Kiwi pops by Show Food Chef

DIY Chocolate covered kiwi pops! View full recipe by Show Food Chef here.

You will need:
- 2-4 kiwis
- 1 cup chopped dark chocolate 
- 1/2 cup coconut oil 
- 6-12 wooden popsicle sticks 


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1 August 2013

DIY: Roll your own sushi - at home

I share the same conundrum as Nami from Just one cookbook. Being Japanese, I too often get asked “Do you make sushi at home?” Well, to make great 'Nigiri' sushi, it takes a sushi chef years of mastering. However, we do make an easy form of sushi at home called 'Temaki Sushi' (Hand rolled/wrapped sushi).

You just need to serve the sushi rice, nori (seaweed sheet) and fillings in the middle of the table. Each person then hand rolls/wraps their own sushi with their preferred topping. This is why you could call it 'DIY sushi'!

View her full recipe and tutorial as well as other fabulous Japanese recipes here.

Now everyone can make sushi at home!

DIY: Shoe hanger out of a clothes hanger

Here's a very clever DIY shoe hanger tutorial made out of old wire clothes hangers by EBOT. Check out their full tutorial here.

What you need:
- Wire metal hangers
- Pliers

1. Cut off the bottom section of the hanger
2. Roll up the two edges
3. Use both your hands and your pliers and bend your hanger into approx shape as per picture
4. Now for the pretty ribbon part. I skipped this step but you can view EBOT's detailed tutorial here.

Well, there you have it! Now you can organise your shoes in style!

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