8 August 2013

TA Project iPhone case design by Maiko Nagao

At last! TA Project's super cool 'Let the kids play - Help support the kids of Fukushima' project has launched! You can grab one of my iPhone case design by donating to this awesome cause. Donations start at $5 and there are some cool T-Shirt designs by top notch Japanese artists to check out too! You can read all about it on the project site here!

Growing up in nuclear free New Zealand, I never would have imagined being caught up in a 'nuclear plant meltdown'. In fact before the 2011 Fukushima disaster, I don't think those words even existed in my vocabulary.

The TA project came together last year to support the children of Fukushima who had limited time a day to play outside. With the overwhelming support from people all over the world, they invited children for a 4 day camp in Osaka so they could escape the everyday stresses and just be kids again. And they're doing it all again this year with a few changes!

Please help support the children and rebuild Fukushima together!

P.S Why peaches? Peaches are a popular delicacy in Korimachi, Fukushima ;)

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