15 May 2013

DIY: My top 3 ways to use an ice cube tray

I recently discovered through Pinterest that ice cube trays aren't just for ice cubes! Click on the links below for these genius step by step instructions.

Here are my top 3:
1. Freeze your favourite greens to add to smoothies (via Katy she cooks)
- I love adding spinach in my morning smoothies but find spinach goes off so fast! This way I don't have to add ice cubes in the mix.

2. Freeze hot chocolate or coffee to add to milk for an instant iced chocolate/coffee. (via The Mixer / Foodo' del mundo)
- I've been freezing strong brewed coffee and popping these babies in milk. So easy!

3. Freeze left over herbs in extra virgin olive oil (via The Kitchn)
- Great way to preserve bought fresh herbs as I never manage to use it all up. I just pop these into my lasagna's and stews!

There we have it! Once frozen, pop them into a ziplock bag and you're done!

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Image source: Greens / Chocolate milk / Herbs /

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