12 May 2013

DIY: No sew peter pan sequin collar tutorial plus free pattern

If you have a plain dress or a top that you want to snaz up then look no further! These gorgeous sequin peter pan collars are so easy to make. Mine took less than 20 minutes!

You will need:
- Sequin fabric
- A peter pan collar patern (download here
- Scissors
- Ribbon 

- Hot glue gun/fabric glue

1. Download my peter pan collar pattern here. Print on thick card, cut, and place on sequin fabric. Cut around the pattern allowing 1cm (half inch) right around.
2. Using a hot glue gun (or fabric glue) fold the fabric bit by bit around the pattern and glue.
3-4. Once you've glued right around the pattern, glue the ribbon to cover the still visible pattern in a circular motion.
5. Repeat steps 1- 4 with the second pair.
6. Cut 3 bits of ribbon. Glue the two longer ribbon (about 25cm/10" each) on to the sharp ends. Use the 3rd ribbon (about 4cm/1.5") to glue the two collars together in the middle.

There we have it! Easy right?

Source: Black sequin collar /  Gold sequin collar

1 comment :

  1. This is really cool! Thank you for sharing. I haven't made a peter pan collar before but I think I might have to. :)


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