28 February 2014

DIY Upcycled tire into a ottoman seat

I am totally making these DIY ottoman's for my dream home via casa.com.br! You can also view the full English tutorial via Handimania.

You will need:
- A tire, MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) cut into two circles of 55 cm diameter, Six screws, a drill, a screwdriver, hot glue gun with at least 6 tubes of glue, 5m long and 10mm thick natural sisal twisted rope, a cloth, scissors and concentrated brush sealer.

1. Place one MDF on a tire, drill three holes and screw your MDF tightly.
2. With the hot glue gun, apply the glue on the board and secure one end of rope. Press the tip to adhere well and go round in a snail shape.
3. After you have finished covering MDF with a rope, do the same with the edge of your tire. Go around putting enough glue.
4. Turn the tire upside down and continue covering it with a rope until you reach the edge of the board
MDF base, as it will be lying directly on the ground.
5. Apply the sealer to the brush and cover all surface with it. Wait one hour before you put another coat on it. This sealer is ready to touch after one day but the complete drying takes two weeks!


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