9 July 2013

FREEBIE: DIY Pasta container plus printable cover

Here's a fun upcycled Pringles pasta container tutorial! Unlike other bags of pasta which you can just roll up, spaghetti packets are a bit awkward don't you think? You can solve the problem by putting the extras in a Pringles can!! To make it even easier for you all, I've made the covers/wrappers available to download - for free! 

1.  Use an old XXL Pringles container.
2.  Download my free printable patterns and print to fit to A4. (download links below)
3.  Fold the top and bottom of the print to fit the height of the container. (there's no need to cut as the fold gives it a cleaner finish)
4. Tape at the back.

Happy crafting everyone!

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