25 April 2013

DIY: Washer and ribbon neon necklace tutorial

Hey, check it out! I just made this spunky Anni Albers inspired neon statement necklace out of two things - some washers and a piece of ribbon!

Here's what you'll need:
- 17 - 20 metal washers (I picked up a packet for $2 at a hardware store)
- Neon ribbon (around 1m in length depending on how long you want it)

1. Thread your ribbon up through washer '1'. Leave enough ribbon on the end to tie the necklace when finished.
2. Thread the ribbon down through the top of washer '2'.
3. Thread the ribbon back down through washer '1'
4. Pull the ribbon tight, so washer '2' is laying flat on top of washer  '1'.
5. Thread the ribbon back up through washer  '2'.
6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 for the rest of the washer. Once you're done threading all the washers, tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow. Voila~!

I’m fairly active on facebook, pinterest and twitter, so let’s stay in touch!I love it so much I'm wearing it right now!


  1. I've been wondering what to do with my metal washers! Good idea! :D

    1. I've made three with different coloured ribbons. Finding these great to jazz up plain outfits! Love them! X

  2. Thanks for the share! I love the neon ribbon. When I was down at my ribbon supplier picking up some supplies the other day I saw some neon blue ribbon which I think would look great as well. Thanks again!

    1. Fantastic! Happy Crafting Joan~! I wear mine all the time! x


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