12 November 2014

Free: Holiday gift tags by Maiko Nagao

Here's another freebie for you all! Holiday gift tags so your pressies can be as spunky as can be. If you like my wrapping idea, it's super easy! All you have to do is wrap your gift in white paper and use two strips of washi tape. Gotta love washi! x

Make sure you print on a thick A4 card and set it to 'fit to page' when printing.  
*Please note the gift tags are for personal use only and not to be sold or redistributed. Thank you!

LOVE my work? You can now purchase my prints from www.maikonagao.com

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1 comment :

  1. So… be honest,have I been the main idiot spending heaps of cash on labels for my gifts all these years?! OMG these are SO cute and people are sufficiently caring to give you a chance to download them for nothing?? I am so excited.
    Guide to Gift Giving


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