28 June 2013

Currently sketching a piece for the coolest charity project in Japan...

I am currently working on a wee illustration piece for the coolest charity project in Japan. I feel very humbled to be able to contribute to such an inspiring team. The TA project is a group of young Japanese professionals living in Osaka. They say they're not captain planet, neither are they perfect, but they're united with the passion of wanting to help the children in Fukushima, Japan.The idea was to come up with a design that incorporates a Peach, which is a popular delicacy in Korimachi, Fukushima (the town where the children are from). This piece will be printed on iPhone cases, T-shirts and A4 Prints. All the money raised from the sales will go towards the charity!In March 2011, Northern Japan was hit by a natural disaster catastrophe. An earthquake, tsunami, followed by a Nuclear Plant melt down. Something even unbelievable for a Hollywood script.With the Nuclear Plant melt down, radiation scare spread through Fukushima. When they heard children in Korimachi (a small town in Fukushima) were only allowed to play for an hour outside due to the risk of radiation, they knew something had to be done. Takumi Ake, got his friends to put together the TAproject. Their idea was simple; They wanted the children to have the chance to be out of the everyday stresses and have the chance to be children again.
Last year, with the help of many generous souls from around the world, the team successfully invited 12 children from Fukushima for a 4 day camp in the mountains of Osaka.
Inspired much? Watch this space for more updates on the 2013 project!

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