10 May 2013

DIY: Mother's Day sharpie mug gift idea & tutorial

Checkout what I just made for mother's day! I fell in love with some cute mother's day cards I saw on Pinterest and thought it would look even better on a mug. The cool thing about this super easy DIY is that you can personalise it. I put my name on there to make it extra special for my mum.

1. All you need is a sharpie (oil based is best) and a porcelain white mug. (Check to make sure it is oven safe as some glazes are safe for microwaving but toxic in the oven).
2. Draw what ever you like on the mug and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. (180°)
3. Cool the mugs at room temperature before washing.

Voila! For best results, hand wash these babies rather than putting it through the dishwasher.

Check out the cool cards here. 1. Home is where mom is. 2. Seriously, you're like the best mom everr. 3. My life would suck without you.

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  1. i LOVE this!! not just for mother's day but in general <3! thanks for sharing!!



    instagram <3: @christeeney

    1. No problem, Teeny! Yep, would be great as a gift for any event! I might snazz up some of my old white dishes with this technique too! x